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20 APR 2020

The MICE and DMC industry in Spain and Portugal under covid-19 and how it will be affected

in the next 6 months

The coronavirus and the state of alarm in Spain, Portugal, and a large part of the world have brought great repercussions, not only health-related but also economic in a wide number of sectors. One of the most affected is that of events, MICE and DMC.

La industria MICE y DMC en España y Portugal frente a la covid-19 y cómo afectará en los próximos 6 meses

The industry of meetings, congresses, conventions, etc. is totally paralyzed today. All events have been canceled or postponed, regardless of size and number of attendees, which were planned from March to August. Even the big
international events such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been moved to July 2021.

To the events canceled or postponed due to the covid-19 there is a very significant reduction in demand for new events and projects. No fairs or public events with a large influx of visitors, such as races, Formula 1, Moto GP, football matches,
basketball etc. It is uncertain when the world will be able to regain the social life we were enjoying just a few weeks ago.

Everything indicates that the coming months will be very hard for the MICE and DMC companies, since it's probable that companies from all over the world are likely to take time to resume their international flights and coming to Spain and Portugal to celebrate their conventions, conferences, fairs or all kinds of professional events.

Companies dedicated to MICE and DMC such as CREA Group are facing a change in paradigm to which they must know how to adapt in the coming months. The moment has arrived to anticipate and begin to consider what returning to normal will be like and how to start carrying on corporate events when that moment arrives.

New health protocols, processes and uses of technology, as well as different locations, outdoors and with space to guarantee distance between attendees, are just some of the changes the event industry will face. Overcoming the challenge that this poses will only be available to those who evolve together with the sector and their needs after overcoming the coronavirus crisis.


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How is the MICE and DMC sector facing the coronavirus crisis that is affecting the whole world? We'll let you know here at CREA Group.