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28 FEB 2020

What is team building and what does it contribute to a company?

Fellowship, teamwork and motivation are three factors that are highly valued in most companies, as it has been shown to favor the performance and happiness of workers in their jobs. In fact, Elton Mayo determined in his studies that employees who were feeling happy increased their productivity.

Qué es el team building

What is team building?

Team Building emerged as a means to improve teamwork within the different departments of a company and thus foster mutual trust to achieve better professional results. 

This concept mainly includes previously studied and defined activities in which the workers of a company participate. In Team building, the key piece is structured and organizedteamwork, with all kinds of activities where all the members participate in an active way.  From a tapas cooking workshop to an escape room. It doesn't matter so much where, or what, but how the group learns to work as a team. Having fun and entertaining leaving the routine behind for a while. 

5 benefits of team building for a company

1. It boosts teamwork. When working together to achieve a common goal, a relaxed and lay back environment is created in which members feel comfortable and safe. 

2. Improves communication. Organizing and being participatory are two very popular requirements when organizing team building activities. In this way, participants must be able to talk to each other and communicate effectively, which will be expressed in the workplace.

Likewise, if the members of a company with a hierarchical structure organize any of these activities, it will allow them to eliminate distances between them.

3. Stimulates confidence. To achieve a relaxed but efficient work environment, it is necessary for colleagues to trust each other. In addition to feeling better in their positions, the company will notice better results. 

4. Increase performance. An employee who is comfortable in his workplace and with his colleagues has a higher productivity than one who is not feeling well during his workday. 

5. It allows to analyze where the team is standing. Thanks to a team building, it is possible to know if there is any communication problem in the group, as well as other important issues for the work environment. After analyzing the behavior of the entire team during the activity, the members themselves can try to detect failures and try to correct them. 

In short, with the participatory activities and team building we can improve the relationship between the participants and thus foster a better working environment. CREA Group, as an event planning company in Barcelona and Spain ( events Company Barcelona and events Company Spain ), organizes different   workshops and personalized gymkhanas   in which companies have the opportunity to display the best of themselves and their teams. If you want to know more, call +34 93 434 43 25 and request information. 

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Discover what is team building and 5 benefits that it brings to a company with CREA Group, an event planning company in Barcelona and Spain.