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20 OCT 2020

Team building Spain as an escape route to overcome post-vacational and post-telework syndrome

Now that the vacation period is over, many people have returned to work and their routines, which often leads to the appearance of post-vacation syndrome. In addition, this year, we must add that a large number of these people have been working remotely or continue to do so since the state of alarm was decreed in the country. This has resulted, among others, in the distancing of colleagues and their relating to each other.

team building España

As a company, how can you help colleagues to overcome this situation? A good way is to encourage teamwork again, as well as to encourage those who feel without spirit to face this new work course, is to organize team building activities for companies. 

Safe group activities and team building are positioned as a perfect strategy for all kinds of companies 

This concept encompasses several activities to promote teamwork among the workers of the same company, encouraging them to work, cooperate and collaborate together to improve their performance. 

Workshops, Escape roooms, sports activities, visits to emblematic areas, pairings and tastings are just some of the practices that can be carried out for team building. It is important to choose one that fits the profile of the employees and with which they feel comfortable so that they will enjoy it. 

Team building in Spain at the time of COVID-19 

And now, with the current situation we are experiencing due to the coronavirus, is it safe to organize team building? Yes, as long as it is done with caution, following prevention measures established by the health authorities and carefully choosing the type of activity and the place to do it.

It is recommended that they are carried out in outdoor areas, as well as in groups of reduced dimensions. Participants must be able to keep the 2 meters distance recommended and must wear approved masks at all times. The correct cleaning of hands with soap and water and hydroalcoholic gel is especially important in case it is necessary to exchange objects or touch common areas.

CREA Group organizes team building in Spain, always following the guidelines and recommendations of the competent health authorities. 


+34 93 434 43 25 · info@creagroupevents.com · Travesera de Gracia, 15 Sobreático 4ª, 08021 Barcelona

Team building is positioned as a perfect escape route to overcome post-vacation and post-telework depression.