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7 SEP 2020

The future of the events: hybrid and virtual events

Communication in the business world has changed since the arrival of COVID -19. Sanitary restrictions have forced event agencies in Spain to reinvent themselves to respond to the client's needs.

El futuro de los eventos: los eventos virtuales e híbridos

Companies still need to connect with their audience and their employees.  With a simple video call, they cannot do it or at least not in the way they were used to.

The digitization of event agencies in Barcelona is here to stay, turning them into authentic IT companies. The complex tailor-made programs allow simultaneous translations into several languages, have different sessions, votes, surveys ... even virtual coffee breaks!

Mainly we can find two types of events, virtual and hybrid.

What are virtual events?

Virtual events are developed online, in their entirety, without any of the members of the company that organizes it or assistants being in a specific physical point. In this way, it is possible to create interactive and participatory experiences without sacrificing security.

Product presentations, conferences, and congresses, cultural events such as concerts, festivals, or theatre plays and virtual tours are just some of the events that can be carried out virtually if you have the right technological tools.

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events bring together the best of both worlds, head-to-head, and the virtual one. Therefore, they are consolidated as a method increasingly used by companies and organizations around the world.

These types of meetings are characterized by the incorporation of virtual solutions in physical meetings. A small group of people comes together to perform the relevant action, such as a new product presentation or a seminar, and attendees follow through on digital platforms. Thus, there are no crowds and, also, the scope of the event is broadened since it attracts a larger audience that does not usually attend this type of meeting because of the journey, lack of time, or due to some financial issues.

What experience to organize as a company?

The objectives, budget, time, and format of the event are the main factors that influence the choice of holding a virtual or hybrid meeting. It is very important to consider in advance what event you want to organize and what is the purpose of holding it to establish a method.

For this reason, the work of event organization companies such as CREA Group is increasingly important because it is concerned about each company, its needs, and objectives, and designing virtual or hybrid events in Barcelona, Madrid, and the rest of Spain according to them.


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The organization of virtual and hybrid events in Barcelona, Madrid, and Spain increases. Don't you know what they are? We tell you in CREA Group.